7 Things to note when planning our HDB renovation just got easier

Getting the keys to our new BTO flat can be immensely exciting, but when we are standing in a bare, unfurnished home, the amount of renovation work before we can seem quite daunting. HDB renovation in Singapore our entire home is not just a massive undertaking, but an expensive one as well.

Here are 7 important things every new homeowner needs to know to keep the process as painless as possible:

1. Open an SP services account

Once we have collected the keys to our house and made payment for insurance, our next step is to open up a utilities account to activate the water and electricity supply for our home. This can be done quickly at the counter located at HDB Singapore.

The queue is quite often short and we should be able to have our account set up within 15 minutes. Take note that this should be done before a renovation permit is granted.

2. Check for defects

Before even entering our new home, start keeping an eye out for any cracks, scratches, stains, and dents on our front door and the surrounding area. Then, go to our home and look over and under every surface as meticulously as possible.

Test the doors and windows, checks for leaks and make sure to report any major defects as soon as possible, to reduce our waiting time.

3. Mind the three-year restriction period on removal of bathroom wall and floor finishes

This is HDB waterproofing measure to ensure that water does not leak through our flooring to the flat below.

The tiles come with a three-year warranty which will become void should we remove it. However, if we insist on having the flooring of our choice, our contractor can still fulfill our wishes by tiling over HDB existing tiles, using adhesive. This is approved by HDB, so we can still achieve the look we want without voiding the warranty.

4. Check before we hack, add or demolish

Whether we buy a BTO or resale flat, prior approval from HDB is required before we demolish or hack any wall. HDB will assess if our modifications will affect the structural integrity of the building.

A submission of approval is needed if we intend to build arches and rounded corners. It is also required in situations where the door to the bedroom is repositioned – this permit will usually be granted as long as the entrance is not created through a reinforced concrete wall. To check if our proposed works can be allowed, our contractor will submit all proposed plans to HDB when applying for renovation permit.

5. Choose approved windows and grilles

On the day that we collect the keys to our new flat, the HDB officer will hand us a piece of paper detailing the standard grilles that we can put up for our service yard. Do not fret if we misplace it – our contractor will know what we can use for our service yard and the rest of the house.

6. Appoint only HDB-approved contractors or interior designers

Last but not least, always ensure that we engage an HDB-registered renovation contractor or interior designer to carry out our renovation works as none-HDB approved contractors and IDs are prohibited from carrying out works on our flat.

7. Supervise our renovations

Once the go-ahead for our renovations is given, our contractor is required to display these permits outside our flat until all renovation work is completed.  He must also keep our immediate neighbors informed of the renovation works three days prior to its commencement.

When our renovation starts, it is important to remember that demolition works can only be carried out from 9.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. daily on weekdays and no more than two handheld power tools are to be used parallel for hacking down walls or removing a wall or floor finishes.

Our contractor is also required to complete all hacking within three days – so keep an eye on the calendar. We are one huge step closer to moving into our dream home! To read more about condo interior design in Singapore check here.

Coordinating Your Busy Family’s Schedule

If you have a busy family that seems to be traveling in different directions constantly, you know how challenging it can be to coordinate everyone’s schedules.  Between projects and deadlines at the office, meetings with your children’s teachers, after school activities like soccer practice and troop meetings, not to mention the household chores, it can be a dizzying and confusing task.  But if each family member is committed and communicates effectively, the task of creating a combined family schedule is a manageable one for you.

The first step is to commit to weekly family meetings.  Make it mandatory that each family member is there so that the schedule can be discussed and organized.  This should also double as a great opportunity to schedule quality family time together, so make sure it’s held at a time when everyone is able to attend.  Make sure that you always have big space and you order large corner sofa bed.

Next, design a schedule that can be easily accessed by all family members, so that everyone knows where everyone else should be at any given time.  This can be done by designing one yourself using materials such as poster board, markers, pushpins and index cards that can be pinned to the schedule, allowing for changes that can occur from week to week.  It could also be designed on your family computer and saved onto the desktop, so each family member can readily access it and make changes if necessary. You always have to remember to buy leather corner sofa. Have family members get into the habit of indicating on the schedule specific addresses or contact telephone numbers if the activity is new or changes from week to week.  Be sure that care providers for your children such as grandparents and babysitters are familiar with your scheduling system and know how to use it. 

Again, with a commitment from each family member and open lines of communication, the family schedule can be a useful tool for everyone.

Fort Lauderdale’s Elcon Electric Launches Special New Online Discounts


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About Elcon Electric:
Providing the best in residential and commercial electrical work since 1989, Elcon Electric offers a full range of services to clients throughout Southeast Florida and on the Treasure and Space Coasts.

Source: http://markets.financialcontent.com/mng-sltrib/news/read/33276651